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Oct 29, 2012 8:00am PDT
think the biggest advantage, though, is these are times, you know, people are skeptical of government. people are always talking about cutting the size of government and spending, but these are times that people understand the real value of government, the federal government in coordinating and funding these efforts. the republicans have a problem here because they argue constantly. mitt romney said we should privatize fema or at least get rid of it and put it back to the states. that's a terrible argument to be defending this week. >> that was something brought up during the primary debates. joe, the former president is going to campaign for president obama later today in youngstown, ohio. the latest cnnle poll gives the president a four-point lead over governor romney. the president is struggling with white voters. 41% among white men. let me play what senator jim webb said to chuck todd on this issue. take a listen. >> how in the name of the lord can the democratic party, the party of andrew jackson, only be getting 28 periods of time of the white male working class vote? from my p
Nov 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
surprising. people come together in things like this. that's a good thing. good governance is good politics. if chris christie and president obama do a good job handling hurricane sandy, voters will like them more. chris christie is a governor of new jersey first, a romney surrogate second. he's got to do a good job for his state. this is an important moment for him to stand on his own two feet. so i'm not that surprised he'd be happy the president is helping him help his state. >> does it prove those kinds of speeches we saw at the rnc, what a bunch of hogwash that is? >> i think their big difference are in health care. mitt romney at some point should come back to the issues. president obama should highlight disagreements with mitt romney on health care issues and other things. i think in terms of the hurricane, it's important that people work together. it's a good thing that we're seeing governor christie are working together on issues people need to see unified government. >> great bipartisanship when it comes to those issues. let's hash out the new round of battleground pollin
Oct 27, 2012 2:00pm EDT
governing in a crisis with the perceptions? >> well, craig, first, it's great to be on. obviously, the president has been making that balance for the last several months, almost a year since mitt romney has been out on the trail. the president knows how to make that balance. on the situation in florida and the pending storm, clearly, the safety and security of floridians comes first and foremost. we hope that we'll have the president and former president in florida making the case, but clearly, considerations for the lives of folks in the sunshine state comes first and we are going to make sure that's first and foremost. i should say that the situation with the storm highlights exactly why democrats are so supportive of early vote. you just don't know what unquantifiable things will happen. >> how real is the worry that the storm could impact early voting in some of these key states especially north carolina and virginia, as well? >> i think folks in that belt are accustomed to this kind of weather at this time of year. and they are making allowances. clearly, it's a situation we are a
Oct 28, 2012 12:00pm PDT
preparations for hurricane sandy. he tried to reassure americans. >> the federal government is working effectively with the state and local governments. it's going to be very important that populations in all the impacted states take this seriously. listen to your state and local elected officials. my message to the governors as well as to the mayors is anything they need, we will be there. we're going to dut through red tape and not get bogged down with a lot of rules. we want to make sure we're anticipating and leaning forward. >> meanwhile the afternoon governor romney joining his running mate at a rally in toledo, ohio, on their bus tour today. a romney campaign senior advisor also announced a short time ago that the campaign is going to stop sending fund-raising appeals to the northeast states affected by the looming hurricane. florida senator marco rubio's 12-year-old daughter is in this hospital after a golf cart accident in miami yesterday. at the time of the accident the republican senator was on the trail campaigning for mitt romney in kissimmee, florida. he learned of the ac
Oct 27, 2012 4:00pm EDT
federal government will provide all necessary resources to help the east coast deal with the storm. >>> 11 people have been arrested today for planning a series of attacks on the u.s. and australian embassies in indonesia. police say the suspects belong to a group they called a sunni movement for indonesian society. it was unclear how far the plans had advanced. we'll have more news later for you craig. now back to you in miami. >> thank you, sir. do appreciate that. >>> here in miami no shortage of enthusiasm among early voters in this presidential contest. take a look at some video shot by our team just a few hours ago, as you can see. long lines. i think we had that video. long lines at polling sites more than a week before the election. there it is right there. i talked to some folks this morning about their role in the race and how they thought it was going. >> a job like that, you know, it can pose a challenge. and, you know, i stand behind the president. and, you know, i'm happy to be in line to vote. >> i'm just thinking it's going to be a lot tighter race. and there has been a lot
Oct 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
with that? >> absolutely, any time you have occasion to send it back from the federal government and send it back to the states and if you can go further and send it back to the private sector. >> the president signed these major disaster declarations for the state of new jersey and new york. they seem to be grateful for the help of fema and the president. wouldn't president romney want to do away with fema and ship those resources back to the states? do we know for sure? >> yea. absolutely. he's not opposed to that by any means. i think what the governor is talking about and we've seen cases in the past is trying to make sure that fema is the most effective agency possible in terms of affecting states and localities with disasters and it's always been a major concern in the sense that the way that it is budgeted for is not one in which it is reliable or one that states can depend on, so looking at how we fund fema and how those activities are streamlined to help states and again, you look back several storms and there's a lot of criticism to fema, so getting to an agency, allowing a
Nov 2, 2012 11:00am EDT
storm. so a lot to talk about regarding that. we'll continue to go over the government's statement. crews are rushing to reopen ports and repair fuel supply lines as demand for gas sky rockets. tom is covering that for us. he's in a gas station or right outside of a gas station in richfield, new jersey. we can see the lines behind you, tom. >> right on the jersey turnpike behind me. this has been packed for the better part of a couple of days now. there are two or three sunoco tankers. they each carry about 8800 gallons of fuel. they're bringing gas in, but here is the real story. take a look at the heavy police presence to make sure that they keep the order and that everybody keeps cool. and also, look at the line. the line stretches up and around the service ramp and on to the jersey turnpike because they have got at least about a mile, two to three miles of people waiting to get into this gas station. it's been the same scene across new jersey. we've heard from a lot of people who have some very strong emotions on this issue. >> i hope you ain't got to push it to the gas station
Nov 3, 2012 11:00am PDT
election will be a referendum on the way they have governed or failed to govern over the last four to eight years and in that way they will be able to forging some compromise. i think one area that folks talk about that might actually people might be able to make headway around is immigration, especially if you have a situation after this election where republicans don't do well among latinos that could be some common ground that both of these parties could find. >> bill, the romney campaign is arguing that the president's so-called midwest fire wall is in trouble. take a listen, this is the campaign political the director, this is him on wednesday. take a listen. >> the fire wall that i think they talked about was iowa, wisconsin and ohio. right now their fire wall is burning. >> that's the romney campaign's political director, three states mentioned wisconsin, ohio, iowa. the same three states that the president has decided to visit on his last day before the election. how worried is the obama campaign about those states? >> well, i think they've been worried of all of those states becaus
Oct 31, 2012 8:00am PDT
when it comes to the government getting what they need to hands the aftermath of the storm, for the government to get to people their needs. the president also visited fema ahead of the storm's landfall with that same message. this reminder, he's leaving for new jersey and the meeting with the governor and mayor of atlantic city in the next hour. we'll bring that to you right here on msnbc. the impact of all of this, people still waking up in the dark and that could go on for days. this is a big reality that so many are living with right now. more than six million people still without power in almost 20 states. we have a by the numbers breakdown by state. now, from maine to maryland, new hampshire to north carolina, even in illinois the most affected by far new jersey with more than two million people still without electric. we'll update these numbers for you as soon as we get them. look at the swath of that map there, it gives you an idea of how many people impacted by this an so many people just doing what they can to get by right now. we want to show you live pictures coming into
Oct 27, 2012 12:00pm PDT
alongside senator marco rubio, government headed to his second event of the day in the sunshine state. he addressed voters in pensacola earlier this afternoon. once again, taking it to president obama. >> he promised his would be a post partisan presidency. we've watched him over these last four years and he's been devisive and demonized almost any group that opposed him. >> both governor romney and vice president biden canceled planned trips tomorrow to virginia as hurricane sandy starts to close in there. the governor rescheduling his visit to virginia will campaign instead in the must-win state of ohio. if the buckeye state is governor romney's must-win, same can be said for president obama in pennsylvania where the latest "philadelphia inquirer" poll has the president up by a sizable margin. governor romney has narrowed the lead to six points there. 49-43 in pennsylvania. mitt romney's running mate is on the about us hoeding across ohio. congressman paul ryan on a two-day eight-stop trip through the critical battleground state calling on voters to support the republican ticket. nb
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)